Interchangeable Mixing Heads

From Stock - Magmix Engineering hold a range of ' standard ' mixing heads to suit most applications.

We can design and manufacture mixing heads to meet specific requirements.

The stainless steel (AISI 316L) heads are hygienic with minimal contact surfaces, which are crevice free. They are compatible with pharmaceutical, healthcare and food requirements. Simplicity of design assures maintenance free operation. The mixing head bearing is lubricated by process fluid, During operation, magnetic flux between permanent magnets acts to levitate the bearing surfaces and thus minimises bearing wear.

Transferable Drive Unit

The external drive unit of Magmix is attached to the process vessel using:

a: Bolted Flange      ( MM20, MM32, MM64 )

b: Bayonet Clamp    ( MM8, MM12 )

c: Tri Clover Clamp   ( MM4, MM6 )

A single drive unit can be fitted sequentially to several process vessels, each equipped with vessel pads, thus reducing cost effective mixing in several vessels.

Control Panels

Stainless steel or composite control panels consisting of an enclosure incorporating the following options.

1. Air Driven

Full air system controls with no or minimal electrics if required.

giving step-less speed control.

0 to 500 rpm using 6 bar lubricated air.

2. Electrically Driven

Door interlock isolator and E Stop if requried.

Start and stop buttons.

An inverter suitable for the MagMix unit selected.

Running power on and inverter trip indicators.

Motor speed potentiometer.

Plug socket for connection of drive unit, including cable. If required.

Low voltage control and safety circuits.

Circuit breakers for protection of control circuit and inverter.

Facilities for wiring of external safety interlock switching for inhibiting of motor drive.

Protection to upto IP65 we can also offer ATEX compliant

Models MM4, MM6, MM8, MM12, MM20 require single-phase supply, MM32 and MM64 require three phase supply


MagMix bearings consists of a pair of special grade tungsten carbide mirror finished plain bearings. The static bearing is fitted to the vessel pad with a special aseptically designed retaining nut. For more aggressive medias a Silicon Carbide Bearing can be offered as an alternative.

Where vessels are hard to access for regular maintenance we can offer a fixed mixer pad bearing which reduces maintenance schedules allowing more process time and less down time.

Adapter Kits

An adaptor kit for the MagMix Mixer enables it to be fully interchangeable with some of the other magnetic mixers of similar size, currently on the market. The kit can be used in three ways:

  1. To drive impellers of another make
  2. Drive units of another make, which can drive one of the MagMix Mixing heads
  3. MagMix can be retrofitted to most vessels containing a weld plate of another make, negating the need to modify the vessel.


Vigorous Mixing Upto

Gentle Mixing


10 Litres

30 Litres


50 Litres

150 Litres



500 Litres


300 Litres

2000 Litres


1000 Litres

3000 Litres


2000 Litres

6000 Litres


3000 Litres

30,000 Litres